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Are you tired of:

  • Paying for useless leads?
  • Wasting time on referrals that don't pan out?
  • Getting referrals outside of your market or area of expertise?
  • Getting ripped off by "referral" companies charging exhorbinant fees and doing nothing for you?

If so, we have the answer for you! The Referral Network! We know what you are thinking; how is this any different than those "other" companies? Good question...

Here are just a few of the things that set us apart:

  • We KNOW the real estate industry!
  • We WORK in the real estate industry!
  • We ARE active REALTORS®!
  • We QUALIFY our leads!
  • We offer you follow up SUPPORT on our leads!

Those are just some of the benefits of working with our referrals....the bottom line is,we are one of you, and like you we survive and thrive on referrals...we have just taken it to a new level and invite you to join us.

We don't take just ANY AGENT....In fact, we don't want just ANY AGENT....we promise our customers that we only deal with the BEST in the business...the REAL PRO's that are committed to the industry and that is what we want to deliver. If this describes you, then you owe it to yourself to apply today!

So who are we?

I'm Dennis Norman, a 30 year veteran of the real estate industry, and I, along with my business partner, John Williams (a 25 year verteran of the biz), act as consultants to The Referral Network. It is our job to use our knowledge and expertise of the industry to help find the best agents for The Referral Network. During our time working in the industry, John and I have both been active in the REALTORS® association at the local, state and national levels; both of us served as President of the St. Louis Association of REALTORS®. Through our involvement in the industry we have come to meet and get to know agents all over the U.S. and are looking to meet more through The Referral Network.

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